Why I would rather castrate myself with a rusty tin opener than get a Covid vaccine

My body, my choice

Simply put, it does not need justification. I should have complete, unreserved and unrestricted autonomy over my body, without fear of prejudice or oppression due to medical choices.

I don’t need one

I am young and healthy. People in my age group are twice as likely to kill themselves than die from Covid. With the risk contextualised, there is no need for me to get vaccinated against Covid.

To those who try to assert pressure by saying that I should get vaccinated to protect others, I say two things:

  1. I am under no obligation, whatsoever, to undergo medical procedures for which there is no benefit to me, simply to please others.
  2. If the vaccination is effective, then those who take it will be protected — they do not require me to be immunised also.

Freedoms do not come at a price

There are talks about a vaccination passport required to access clubs, pubs, cinemas, theatres and other forms of hospitality.

I refuse to jump through hoops, simply to regain the freedoms I previously had. The theft of liberties, only to be given back conditionally, is exactly what conspiracy theorists talked about a year ago, and they were called delusional.

“But going to the pub is not a right”, I hear some tosser screech. Listen, you authoritarian bellend, the Human Rights Act is clear — individuals have a right to mental health. Restricting almost all day-to-day activities that make life enjoyable, simply due to a personal medical decision, clearly violates that.

I’m not a selfish twazok

It is a disgrace, outrage and stain on our country that perfectly healthy, low-risk 20-year-olds are using up vaccine supplies that should be given to the vulnerable in other less well off countries.

My grandma is an 80-year-old with respiratory difficulties, living in a non-western, poorer country. I will likely be offered the vaccine far before her. It is contemptible that we would act in such a selfish manner — and I refuse to participate in an immoral and despicable practice of greed.



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